Capturing the Soul Workshops

Rosanne on Hammock, cast on arm

I found the workshop very interesting and helpful in coming to terms with my history, as I looked at other people’s photos as well as my own. I liked Rosanne’s insights, her understanding, and her compassion.

A, workshop attendee

The space was sufficiently safe to actually explore very old stories, very established stories from a different perspective...A fresh approach to peeling back the layers…A tool rarely, if ever, explored and therefore fresh and alive with possibility.

J, workshop attendee

Capturing the Soul Workshops are held in a small group format. The work is based onpresence and the meetings begin with meditation.

Each group member brings 30 to 50 digital images primarily covering their childhood, but can be from adulthood. Photos include images of the group member, parents, and siblings or spouses and friends.

Without telling a story, the group member offers a brief introduction. The group then views the photos. Then views them again, with comments. Discussion is on the experience of the photo.

Workshops are held in San Diego, CA.  The next workshop will be held in late 2014.  If you’d like to participate in a Capturing the Soul Workshop or wish to have a workshop in your area either leave a comment or contact:

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