Book Drive Begins Today, October 25, 2014

detroit publishing company, from the collection of Rosanne Goodwin

The Pubslush campaign for my book, “San Diego, the Harbor of the Sun” begins today. Here’s a link to the video: Please support this effort and watch here for updates.  I will be posting sections of the book.

It’s What Touches You

I spent last weekend and today sorting through my slides and through boxes of photos deciding what to send to be scanned. I decided that this box would be my personal images–not family photos. What I discovered is that these … Continue reading

Click! In the Name of Love

I read Click! Choosing Love and I’ve been debating as to whether I should write about it or not. I decided to because I keep thinking about it. I don’t want to review it, but I want to discuss what … Continue reading

Magical Mystery Tour

I don't feel well © 2012 . All rights reserved.

In April I had the opportunity to go to Cuba. This was a tour through Cal Travel and AHI. It was legal–listed as a cultural exchange. We flew nonstop from LA to Havana on a weekly United flight. Nothing is … Continue reading

Perception and Discernment

© 2012 . All rights reserved.

I’ve become obsessed with antique postcards. The obsession began in mid-November when I began researching Photochrom and Detroit Photographic for my other website William Henry Jackson’s San Diego. I began by Goggling Photochrom and found postcard websites. I’ve now spent … Continue reading

The Sorting Never Stops

I’m not very good at filing. In fact, I really dislike it and I let it pile up, which makes it even worse. Tonight was a time that I began to go through things, I didn’t file, but I found … Continue reading


On Thanksgiving the brother of the dinner’s hostess passed out a book that a friend of his wrote, Click! Choosing Love by Carl Studna. It is part spiritual guide and part an essays on photos. I’m only half way through … Continue reading

I’m Back

It’s been a while, and it feels good to be back and inspired. A lot has gone on recently. I realized that I was so overwhelmed or unhappy with work that I was not doing what I loved. Scanning More … Continue reading

The Anniversary Party

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As I sorted through the photos I found many that I had never seen before. There was one set in particular–taken at my grandparent’s 40th and my parent’s 10th anniversary party in June 1957 that really set me on my … Continue reading

Floating In Their Father’s Palm

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This is a photo of my cousin standing on his father’s palm. I was told that it’s based on trust–the child has to trust the world. Not all children will do this. Of my uncle’s four children there are only … Continue reading

The Thread

This Morning’s Inquiry The inquiry’s thread was long–it’s still occurring as I write this. It moved from the Rosanne Cash blog, to the Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, to a photo of my niece, to the photos on my bedroom … Continue reading


I woke early this morning and laid in bed inquiring into truth, honesty, and facts (see yesterday’s blog).  More came up to add to the list–belief, knowing, and perception. They’re all related and often confused. I’m going to write this … Continue reading