I’ve been working with photographs and family history for over 35 years.  I was a student of the Diamond Approach® (Ridhwan School® and A.H. Almaas) for over 21 years. Capturing the Soul is a combination of my love of photos and my spiritual practice.

Developing the workshops is not something that I set about doing. It is something that came to me while working with the photos of my family. The more open and aware I was, the more that the photos revealed.  I write in the first person because I can only speak from experience. This process does not come from the mind–it comes from the heart.

I’m a native Californian, born and raised in San Diego–where I currently reside after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.  I am the principal photo organizer and family historian of Your Family Photo Stories.

My M.A. is in History Museum Studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program, SUNY Oneonta. My master’s thesis is on the photographer William Henry Jackson’s Photographs of San Diego, CA.  My B.A. is in American Social History from UC Berkeley.

I’m not a therapist, nor have I studied psychology. The inquiry methods used in Capturing the Soul may be used by therapists, but this work is based upon Presence–of sensing, looking, and listening to what is there in the moment.

Rosanne Goodwin

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